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HB 1261 – Mississippi’s Anti Pit Bull Proposition Explained

Mississippi House Bill 1261 Explained


…….but wait to see what the definition of “dangerous dog” is!!!
(a) (i) “Dangerous dog” means:
1. Any pit bull dog in a class of dogs that specifically includes the breeds of American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog, and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dog breeds
……..there’s more, but we get the drift!!!

    Mississippi State Kennel Club Position on BSL (Breed-specific legislation):

The American Kennel Club and Mississippi State Kennel Club strongly oppose breed-specific legislation. See AKC’s Position Statements. The cities in the greater Jackson area currently have breed bans: Clinton, Richland and Ridgeland. Responsible, law-abiding citizens who own obedient dogs of any of the dogs listed on the ordinances are not given the opportunity to prove that their dog is not dangerous. A much better alternative to the breed ban would be “Dangerous Dog” legislation.
“Dangerous Dog” legislation should define the characteristics of a dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog regardless of breed. This legislation allows owners to prove that their dogs are not a threat but it also assists protects people and pets that encounter a dangerous dog of any breed. Breed-specific legislation fails to identify dangerous behavior but seeks to eradicate all dogs of particular breeds based on opinion.

    But It Gets Better!!!

This Bill also has a Section 3 (8) that says, “In order to determine if there is a violation of this section, a law enforcement officer, at any time, may enter the premises where a dangerous dog is kept, or is believed to be kept,for an on-site inspection of the premises.”
…..Hey, Mississippi, did you know we have a Fourth Amendment in the US? It prohibits the police from breaking down your door or doing a warrantless search, based on a suspicion. Interestingly, other House Bills introduced during this session include a bill mandating some testing for law enforcement officers! Good to know that Bubba Skinner had to take a test before allowing him to break down your door,after an angry ex reported you had a pit inside!
But The Best Is Yet To Come!!!
This Bill also allows for the police, OR THEIR DESIGNEE, to KILL your dog, provided that two of the following requirements are met:
– The dog is not under control ON HIS OWN PROPERTY or Is OFF OF HIS PROPERTY and not leashed, muzzled & controlled directly by his owner. (They further add that a leash must have “a minimum tensile strength of three hundred (300) pounds and not exceed three (3) feet in length”)
– The dog doesn’t have a vaccination tag.
– Attempts to peacefully capture the dog were made and unsuccessful.(wink, wink)
The law enforcement officer fears for his safety. That pretty much will cover EVERY CASE!

Bubba Fears for His Life

Bubba Fears for His Life

Hey, Mississippi, remember that Amendment Fourteen…the right to due process (like a court hearing before seizing, or in this case KILLING, your property)?

Where Do We Go From Here??
Mississippi House Bill 1261 has been referred to “Judiciary B”, this means that it is going to a committee who will be review it, to ensure that Rep Billy Bob didn’t stomp on any of our Constitutional Rights. Ahhh, you think, surely it will die here…..but don’t bet on it!!! If they felt free to pass the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (HB 2681, 2014), which allows for the legal discrimination of the LGBT community, because their “gayness” offends store owners’ religious ideologies – then banning pit bulls will be a piece of cake. Their Governor freely signed off on 2681, although his son (who did the intelligent thing and moved to Texas), is a gay interior designer! Also remember that only a Federal ruling kept Mississippi’s ONE abortion clinic opened, when they ruled it would be unlawful to close it.

Also referred to Judiciary B this session is a bill that fines same sex couples $500.00, if it can be proven they have sexual relations together, as “Adulterers” and a bill to Prevent Federal Infringement On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, that nullifies all Federal Acts In Violation Of The Second Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States.

Basically, NOTHING can keep the Good Ole Boy network from jerking Mississippi back into the Deep South. Modern Jim Crow Laws are on their way back…..and in a hurry! What better place for the weak-minded, fear mongering anti-pit bull folks to fester?


Haters gonna Hate

Anyone who loves pit bulls must rally and rally NOW!  Please read the following AND ACT ON IT!!! The future of this breed depends on your actions!



I see/hear/read it all the time (like a dull buzz after awhile), “pit bulls are killing machines, who will ‘eat your face off’, spontaneously attack with no provocation or warning; not stopping until their opponent is dead.”

While I understand that small-minded, frightened people often say things out of fear, the recent proliferation of Web pages, blogs, and clearly fake profiles – on a national level – that are calling for extreme, violent and illegal actions against ‘pit bulls’ and their owners, has me frightened.  Thanks to the advent of ‘Google Alerts’, these tirades are now being seen, locally, with the “national participants” injecting themselves into a local cultures, that they are not members of.  While not ‘a movement’, the verbage and syntax are clearly one or two people, taking on the persona/facebook identities of many!  This same ‘group’, then, whips the locals, via the comment section of their community’s papers, into a frenzy!  The same players, just a different game board, time and again, giving the appearance of a ‘movement’, so to speak, of the anti-pit sentiment, that they are spreading.  They then divert the readers to fabricated ‘facts’ via personal web pages that were created to look credible.  Community by community, this faction is creating widespread hysteria, based on lies, to unknowing people who believe everything they read that claims to be based on ‘facts’ or read on a website.  Even when the dog in question is clearly identified as another breed, this group of ‘pit-haters’ clamour that it is a ‘pit-type’, then, proceed with their anti-pit agenda.  If called to reason, they turn the tables, saying that the person opposing their views either: 1) doesn’t care about the victim, 2) is a “pit nutter” and unable to avail themselves to ‘the facts’, or 3) throws personal innuendo about the opposing side that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  Like the high school girls’ room, they will stop at nothing in their vindictive attacks.

Not since the Doberman hysteria of the 80’s have I seen such histrionic, far-reaching ideology with no basis in fact (actually, facts are often made up along the way!), clinging to an undocumented, unwarranted philosophy.  There HAD to be more to this….here’s what I found.

It All Started Here:

It all began when a jogger, Coleen Lynn, passing a dog walker and pit, didn’t want to slow down, but decided to pass the duo from behind. She was subsequently bitten by the frightened dog, as she attempted to squeeze herself between a fence and the dog – from behind it. She received three puncture marks to the top of her arm and two on the bottom.  The arm was broken.  However, there is significant question as to whether her arm was broken by the bite (as she claims) or in the fall.  The only certainty is that her account could not be factual and it morphed with time.  However, that didn’t stop her from 1) having the poor dog euthanized and 2) collecting a HUGE insurance settlement.

Pages of Interest:

The Lynn Media Group:   Not able to keep a good woman down, Ms. Lynn marketed her infamous “attack” into the Lynn Media Group for ‘Social Awareness’.  Note the last paragraph of this page that states, “Ms. Lynn has built a reputation for her innovative approach to customer experience….”   INDEED!  I suspect that her clever and relentless attacks on a specific breed of dog (by creating a multitude of fake profiles) is what has launched The Lynn Media Group.  Without that, she would be ‘just another web designer’.  Basing a business on the fear of the multitudes would be difficult to incorporate into a business plan, but clearly, Ms. Lynn has made it work for her! – A Registered Non-Profit as of 2011:  Ms. Lynn’s page devoted to fake ‘pit bull’ facts.  This page appears to be the premier ‘origin of hate’ against pits on the web.  Professional-looking and full of statistics (fake ones), this page can fool anyone not familiar with statistical analysis and web design.  The common person, who has no interaction with dogs, can easily be tricked into believing it is a ‘real’ web page filled with actual statistics on pit bulls.

Who REALLY is behind Dog Bites. org – CO EIN Number (scroll to the bottom):

(Interestingly, the domain was originally registered on GoDaddy to an individual named Gary Stevens with the address and phone number of the Seattle Police Department!!!  It was changed very quickly when that fact was brought to the attention of the SPD. Why would a individual from CA, who moved to Seattle, WA, then to Austin, TX with her windfall, incorporate in CO??)

The ‘Donate’ Button is EVERYWHERE! :   Although it has NOTHING to do with pit bulls, her media group, which is a ‘for profit’, seems to be intertwined with the 501c3 revenue (which hasn’t filed 990’s yet) of, time and again

Information referral form to the IRS.  This form is for reporting tax fraud or impropriety.

Here, she even ADMITS that the site is inaccurate:

One Example of Media Bias By the News Director of a Tuscon TV Station:  This particular News Director, Forrest Carr, not only ‘becomes the news’ by constantly interjecting his personal bias, on the side of the crew (apparently, not well enough versed in syntax to realize he’s only speaking to a couple of people with 50 different aliases), but he freely attacks those speaking out for pit bulls, personally!  So scewed are his biases, that he prepared this:  Rarely do we see such blatant attacks lodged by an employee of the news media on such a personal level.  Professionalism to the wind, Mr. Carr shamelessly “went pit bull” (a phrase this group is attempting to make popular slang) on  anyone who dared to insinuate that he was doing this for ratings.  Apparently, it never occurred to Mr. Carr that most people will react stongly to injustice, lies and false accusations, not to mention his frequent personal attacks on individuals.  However, it is only fair to note that the ‘ratings factor’ is not helping his cause, as his station ranks LAST of the THREE Tuscon media outlets.

A Listing of More Fake Bull Sites, Each With Links To More:

A conglomeration of news features about pit bulls that are twisted to suit the author’s agenda.  The site is to “Educate The Public About Pit Bulls”.  While not much effort has gone into this one, it is heaped onto the rest of the pretend-facts blogs to add to the numbers:

This site makes no attempt to hide the fact that it skews facts AND people.  Unabashedly naming-names of those who dare oppose the views of ‘Dawn James’ (another fake name/person) and twisting half-truths to suit their own agenda.  Nationally- acclaimed behaviorists and pit moms alike are trashed in this hodgepodge of fuckery:

FAKE PROFILES THAT NEED REPORTED TO FACEBOOK:  It is against Facebook Terms of Service Policy to have a personal profile that isn’t a ‘real’ person.  As many animal advocates can attest, Facebook is making those having profiles that are suspected of not being ‘real’ people, fax them a copy of their photo identification.  Although I am certain this group of fakes will simply put up another fake profile, the following profiles need to be GONE from Facebook, as they are clearly the same individual.  To report a regular page, go to the bottom left, and click ‘Report/Block’, then check the box that says, “Not a real person”.  To report a timeline, go to the gear in the upper-right corner and hit “Report/Block”, then click “Not a real person”. – This profile actually changed names in the time it took me to write this post!! It was Ginny LRidley, now it is Fiona Mastiff!!!  In reality, it’s a woman named Dawn James:!/profile.php?id=100002775596708&sk=wall

This woman is actually   Now Tim’s Cockatiels…no doubt due to the negative publicity she spouts!!!  If you scroll down to the first page, her Fiona, looks amazingly like a “Pit Bull Type”…classic hypocrite!!!!


Here’s What She Does When She’s NOT trashing pits and their owners:  (She’s not a playa, she just eats a lot.)  Colleen L’s Yelp Profile shows she does a good deal of drinking and fine dining, at the expense of our pups!

  • Review from Colleen L.
  • Photo of Colleen L.

What to Expect When Confronting This Group:

Myths of the Absolute:

1.  All pit bulls are dangerous, unpredictable beasts who will attack without warning

2.  All pit owners, fanciers are prostitutes, dog fighters and drug dealers

3.   All pit bulls possess supernatural traits, ie. ‘locking jaws’, no fence can contain them, unGodly strength

4.  All BSL proponents are experts on pit bulls, but are unable to define them

5.  All pit bulls must be eradicated

6.  Any individual that speaks out for pit bulls has questionable mental faculties

Recognize Their Tactics:

1.  Personal attacks will take the place of evidence

2. The subject will change depending on where they want to go, or when they perceive you are making ground

3. Goading us into anger

4.  Promoting breed/breeder hatred

5.  Identifying pit bulls as ‘victims’, while calling for their extinction

6.  Hiding behind anonymity

7.  Claiming to be experts, but with no credentials

8.  Bashing those WITH credentials

9  Accusing defenders of doing what they are doing, ie. changing subject, not caring about victims

10.  Isolating one defender to befriend, while trashing another

What to Do To Protect Your Animals:

1. Debate openly

2.  Stay on topic

3.  Ignore personal attacks

4.  Substitute fiction with facts – offer proof

5.  Use humor

6.  Know who you are talking to

7.  Know yourself

8.  Know the law

9.  Treat your opposers with courtesy, respect and politeness

10.  Learn from EVERY ENCOUNTER!!!!!

One Analogy:

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