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HB 1261 – Mississippi’s Anti Pit Bull Proposition Explained

Mississippi House Bill 1261 Explained


…….but wait to see what the definition of “dangerous dog” is!!!
(a) (i) “Dangerous dog” means:
1. Any pit bull dog in a class of dogs that specifically includes the breeds of American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog, and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dog breeds
……..there’s more, but we get the drift!!!

    Mississippi State Kennel Club Position on BSL (Breed-specific legislation):

The American Kennel Club and Mississippi State Kennel Club strongly oppose breed-specific legislation. See AKC’s Position Statements. The cities in the greater Jackson area currently have breed bans: Clinton, Richland and Ridgeland. Responsible, law-abiding citizens who own obedient dogs of any of the dogs listed on the ordinances are not given the opportunity to prove that their dog is not dangerous. A much better alternative to the breed ban would be “Dangerous Dog” legislation.
“Dangerous Dog” legislation should define the characteristics of a dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog regardless of breed. This legislation allows owners to prove that their dogs are not a threat but it also assists protects people and pets that encounter a dangerous dog of any breed. Breed-specific legislation fails to identify dangerous behavior but seeks to eradicate all dogs of particular breeds based on opinion.

    But It Gets Better!!!

This Bill also has a Section 3 (8) that says, “In order to determine if there is a violation of this section, a law enforcement officer, at any time, may enter the premises where a dangerous dog is kept, or is believed to be kept,for an on-site inspection of the premises.”
…..Hey, Mississippi, did you know we have a Fourth Amendment in the US? It prohibits the police from breaking down your door or doing a warrantless search, based on a suspicion. Interestingly, other House Bills introduced during this session include a bill mandating some testing for law enforcement officers! Good to know that Bubba Skinner had to take a test before allowing him to break down your door,after an angry ex reported you had a pit inside!
But The Best Is Yet To Come!!!
This Bill also allows for the police, OR THEIR DESIGNEE, to KILL your dog, provided that two of the following requirements are met:
– The dog is not under control ON HIS OWN PROPERTY or Is OFF OF HIS PROPERTY and not leashed, muzzled & controlled directly by his owner. (They further add that a leash must have “a minimum tensile strength of three hundred (300) pounds and not exceed three (3) feet in length”)
– The dog doesn’t have a vaccination tag.
– Attempts to peacefully capture the dog were made and unsuccessful.(wink, wink)
The law enforcement officer fears for his safety. That pretty much will cover EVERY CASE!

Bubba Fears for His Life

Bubba Fears for His Life

Hey, Mississippi, remember that Amendment Fourteen…the right to due process (like a court hearing before seizing, or in this case KILLING, your property)?

Where Do We Go From Here??
Mississippi House Bill 1261 has been referred to “Judiciary B”, this means that it is going to a committee who will be review it, to ensure that Rep Billy Bob didn’t stomp on any of our Constitutional Rights. Ahhh, you think, surely it will die here…..but don’t bet on it!!! If they felt free to pass the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (HB 2681, 2014), which allows for the legal discrimination of the LGBT community, because their “gayness” offends store owners’ religious ideologies – then banning pit bulls will be a piece of cake. Their Governor freely signed off on 2681, although his son (who did the intelligent thing and moved to Texas), is a gay interior designer! Also remember that only a Federal ruling kept Mississippi’s ONE abortion clinic opened, when they ruled it would be unlawful to close it.

Also referred to Judiciary B this session is a bill that fines same sex couples $500.00, if it can be proven they have sexual relations together, as “Adulterers” and a bill to Prevent Federal Infringement On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, that nullifies all Federal Acts In Violation Of The Second Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States.

Basically, NOTHING can keep the Good Ole Boy network from jerking Mississippi back into the Deep South. Modern Jim Crow Laws are on their way back…..and in a hurry! What better place for the weak-minded, fear mongering anti-pit bull folks to fester?


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