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Haters gonna Hate

Anyone who loves pit bulls must rally and rally NOW!  Please read the following AND ACT ON IT!!! The future of this breed depends on your actions!



I see/hear/read it all the time (like a dull buzz after awhile), “pit bulls are killing machines, who will ‘eat your face off’, spontaneously attack with no provocation or warning; not stopping until their opponent is dead.”

While I understand that small-minded, frightened people often say things out of fear, the recent proliferation of Web pages, blogs, and clearly fake profiles – on a national level – that are calling for extreme, violent and illegal actions against ‘pit bulls’ and their owners, has me frightened.  Thanks to the advent of ‘Google Alerts’, these tirades are now being seen, locally, with the “national participants” injecting themselves into a local cultures, that they are not members of.  While not ‘a movement’, the verbage and syntax are clearly one or two people, taking on the persona/facebook identities of many!  This same ‘group’, then, whips the locals, via the comment section of their community’s papers, into a frenzy!  The same players, just a different game board, time and again, giving the appearance of a ‘movement’, so to speak, of the anti-pit sentiment, that they are spreading.  They then divert the readers to fabricated ‘facts’ via personal web pages that were created to look credible.  Community by community, this faction is creating widespread hysteria, based on lies, to unknowing people who believe everything they read that claims to be based on ‘facts’ or read on a website.  Even when the dog in question is clearly identified as another breed, this group of ‘pit-haters’ clamour that it is a ‘pit-type’, then, proceed with their anti-pit agenda.  If called to reason, they turn the tables, saying that the person opposing their views either: 1) doesn’t care about the victim, 2) is a “pit nutter” and unable to avail themselves to ‘the facts’, or 3) throws personal innuendo about the opposing side that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  Like the high school girls’ room, they will stop at nothing in their vindictive attacks.

Not since the Doberman hysteria of the 80’s have I seen such histrionic, far-reaching ideology with no basis in fact (actually, facts are often made up along the way!), clinging to an undocumented, unwarranted philosophy.  There HAD to be more to this….here’s what I found.

It All Started Here:

It all began when a jogger, Coleen Lynn, passing a dog walker and pit, didn’t want to slow down, but decided to pass the duo from behind. She was subsequently bitten by the frightened dog, as she attempted to squeeze herself between a fence and the dog – from behind it. She received three puncture marks to the top of her arm and two on the bottom.  The arm was broken.  However, there is significant question as to whether her arm was broken by the bite (as she claims) or in the fall.  The only certainty is that her account could not be factual and it morphed with time.  However, that didn’t stop her from 1) having the poor dog euthanized and 2) collecting a HUGE insurance settlement.

Pages of Interest:

The Lynn Media Group:   Not able to keep a good woman down, Ms. Lynn marketed her infamous “attack” into the Lynn Media Group for ‘Social Awareness’.  Note the last paragraph of this page that states, “Ms. Lynn has built a reputation for her innovative approach to customer experience….”   INDEED!  I suspect that her clever and relentless attacks on a specific breed of dog (by creating a multitude of fake profiles) is what has launched The Lynn Media Group.  Without that, she would be ‘just another web designer’.  Basing a business on the fear of the multitudes would be difficult to incorporate into a business plan, but clearly, Ms. Lynn has made it work for her! – A Registered Non-Profit as of 2011:  Ms. Lynn’s page devoted to fake ‘pit bull’ facts.  This page appears to be the premier ‘origin of hate’ against pits on the web.  Professional-looking and full of statistics (fake ones), this page can fool anyone not familiar with statistical analysis and web design.  The common person, who has no interaction with dogs, can easily be tricked into believing it is a ‘real’ web page filled with actual statistics on pit bulls.

Who REALLY is behind Dog Bites. org – CO EIN Number (scroll to the bottom):

(Interestingly, the domain was originally registered on GoDaddy to an individual named Gary Stevens with the address and phone number of the Seattle Police Department!!!  It was changed very quickly when that fact was brought to the attention of the SPD. Why would a individual from CA, who moved to Seattle, WA, then to Austin, TX with her windfall, incorporate in CO??)

The ‘Donate’ Button is EVERYWHERE! :   Although it has NOTHING to do with pit bulls, her media group, which is a ‘for profit’, seems to be intertwined with the 501c3 revenue (which hasn’t filed 990’s yet) of, time and again

Information referral form to the IRS.  This form is for reporting tax fraud or impropriety.

Here, she even ADMITS that the site is inaccurate:

One Example of Media Bias By the News Director of a Tuscon TV Station:  This particular News Director, Forrest Carr, not only ‘becomes the news’ by constantly interjecting his personal bias, on the side of the crew (apparently, not well enough versed in syntax to realize he’s only speaking to a couple of people with 50 different aliases), but he freely attacks those speaking out for pit bulls, personally!  So scewed are his biases, that he prepared this:  Rarely do we see such blatant attacks lodged by an employee of the news media on such a personal level.  Professionalism to the wind, Mr. Carr shamelessly “went pit bull” (a phrase this group is attempting to make popular slang) on  anyone who dared to insinuate that he was doing this for ratings.  Apparently, it never occurred to Mr. Carr that most people will react stongly to injustice, lies and false accusations, not to mention his frequent personal attacks on individuals.  However, it is only fair to note that the ‘ratings factor’ is not helping his cause, as his station ranks LAST of the THREE Tuscon media outlets.

A Listing of More Fake Bull Sites, Each With Links To More:

A conglomeration of news features about pit bulls that are twisted to suit the author’s agenda.  The site is to “Educate The Public About Pit Bulls”.  While not much effort has gone into this one, it is heaped onto the rest of the pretend-facts blogs to add to the numbers:

This site makes no attempt to hide the fact that it skews facts AND people.  Unabashedly naming-names of those who dare oppose the views of ‘Dawn James’ (another fake name/person) and twisting half-truths to suit their own agenda.  Nationally- acclaimed behaviorists and pit moms alike are trashed in this hodgepodge of fuckery:

FAKE PROFILES THAT NEED REPORTED TO FACEBOOK:  It is against Facebook Terms of Service Policy to have a personal profile that isn’t a ‘real’ person.  As many animal advocates can attest, Facebook is making those having profiles that are suspected of not being ‘real’ people, fax them a copy of their photo identification.  Although I am certain this group of fakes will simply put up another fake profile, the following profiles need to be GONE from Facebook, as they are clearly the same individual.  To report a regular page, go to the bottom left, and click ‘Report/Block’, then check the box that says, “Not a real person”.  To report a timeline, go to the gear in the upper-right corner and hit “Report/Block”, then click “Not a real person”. – This profile actually changed names in the time it took me to write this post!! It was Ginny LRidley, now it is Fiona Mastiff!!!  In reality, it’s a woman named Dawn James:!/profile.php?id=100002775596708&sk=wall

This woman is actually   Now Tim’s Cockatiels…no doubt due to the negative publicity she spouts!!!  If you scroll down to the first page, her Fiona, looks amazingly like a “Pit Bull Type”…classic hypocrite!!!!


Here’s What She Does When She’s NOT trashing pits and their owners:  (She’s not a playa, she just eats a lot.)  Colleen L’s Yelp Profile shows she does a good deal of drinking and fine dining, at the expense of our pups!

  • Review from Colleen L.
  • Photo of Colleen L.

What to Expect When Confronting This Group:

Myths of the Absolute:

1.  All pit bulls are dangerous, unpredictable beasts who will attack without warning

2.  All pit owners, fanciers are prostitutes, dog fighters and drug dealers

3.   All pit bulls possess supernatural traits, ie. ‘locking jaws’, no fence can contain them, unGodly strength

4.  All BSL proponents are experts on pit bulls, but are unable to define them

5.  All pit bulls must be eradicated

6.  Any individual that speaks out for pit bulls has questionable mental faculties

Recognize Their Tactics:

1.  Personal attacks will take the place of evidence

2. The subject will change depending on where they want to go, or when they perceive you are making ground

3. Goading us into anger

4.  Promoting breed/breeder hatred

5.  Identifying pit bulls as ‘victims’, while calling for their extinction

6.  Hiding behind anonymity

7.  Claiming to be experts, but with no credentials

8.  Bashing those WITH credentials

9  Accusing defenders of doing what they are doing, ie. changing subject, not caring about victims

10.  Isolating one defender to befriend, while trashing another

What to Do To Protect Your Animals:

1. Debate openly

2.  Stay on topic

3.  Ignore personal attacks

4.  Substitute fiction with facts – offer proof

5.  Use humor

6.  Know who you are talking to

7.  Know yourself

8.  Know the law

9.  Treat your opposers with courtesy, respect and politeness

10.  Learn from EVERY ENCOUNTER!!!!!

One Analogy:


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26 thoughts on “Haters gonna Hate

  1. Everyone should read this, check out the links and make every Pit Bull parent aware that this lethal person is on a one woman quest to make BSL the law of all the land. She is dangerous–thank you Betsy for getting the word out about this woman who’s goal in life is the destruction of our babies!


  2. Colleen Lynn and Forrest Carr are evil cunts. Once off my mobile I will report the hell out of those Facebook pages. Her website should be taken down, how do we get it off the web? Useless wastes of life.


  3. Naomi on said:

    This makes me sooooo angry, if some one came running up from behind me then I would bloody bite them too, but I wish this world would realise that it’s not the breed but the UNHUMAN arseholes who bring a dog up, I have a wonderful Staffordshire bull terrier but still get evil looks & nasty comments on a daily basis, but I have brought him up the right way & my answer to those ignorant people that say he’s a dangerous breed bcos they are bred for the fact they can lock their jaws!! THIS IS NOT TRUE NO DOG CAN LOCK ITS JAWS this is the biggest myth & something that they should look into first before throwing accusations!! God made all of these wonderful creatures & any one who miss treats them will pay the price for it when their time comes! As for this women maybe instead of trying to bad mouth a certain breed, she should of used her compensation money to all those wonderful people who rescue animals & their centres!!


  4. The last one about the name changing to Fionna Mastiff is now Ariel Harnagel! So, it changed again!


  5. I reported every last one of those fake pages! The lies that those haters spew is just unbelievable! It’s just lie after lie and personal attack after personal attack on any and all pit owners n advocates.


  6. The only thing my pitbulls have ever attacked are my mattress and blankets, and sometimes they eat my shoes. They are great dogs and smart as hell.


  7. Nutters < Everyone Else on said:

    Pit bull owners are the dumbest group of dog owners on average. Even the ones that want desperately to seem otherwise, like this blog’s author.


    • Firem4nJoe on said:

      Yes there are a lot of stupid pit bull owners. There are a lot of stupid dog owners in general. There are lots of well meaning people who do things wrong, there are lots of nasty people who mistreat dogs and there are many smart caring people who do only the best for their dogs. So I won’t say that all Pitt Bull owners are stupid but I will say that there are people who hear great things about these dogs so they go and get one without being prepared or without knowing how to deal with them properly. Pit bulls, like any other dog, need the right food, shelter, love, and affection, and need to be in a pack environment whether that be other dogs or the human family. The other thing they need is consistency and firm (not cruel or barbaric) handling in learning their place in order to be a content and stress free animal. Unfortunately this is what so many people get wrong and every now and then a dog lashes out because it was either provoked, frightened, confused, stressed, mistreated, etc. Then as a result of human’s misunderstanding of the dog it ends up destroyed and the entire breed labelled as dangerous. We need to stop blaming the dogs, stop stereotyping owners of specific breeds, and start looking at individuals.


  8. The above comment is classic. Referring to my article, RECOGNIZE THEIR TACTICS: Recognize Their Tactics:

    1. Personal attacks will take the place of evidence

    2. The subject will change depending on where they want to go, or when they perceive you are making ground

    3. Goading us into anger

    4. Promoting breed/breeder hatred

    6. Hiding behind anonymity

    8. Bashing those WITH credentials

    9 Accusing defenders of doing what they are doing, ie. changing subject, not caring about victims (in this case, being stupid)

    THIS RIDICULOUS COMMENT CAME FROM AN EMAIL MARKED ‘PENIS@YAHOO.COM’ (perhaps the most factual part of the post).

    New comment on your post “Haters gonna Hate”
    Author : Nutters < Everyone Else (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :
    Pit bull owners are the dumbest group of dog owners on average. Even the ones that want desperately to seem otherwise, like this blog’s author.

    General IP Information: IP:
    Decimal: 1281115215
    ISP: Road Runner
    Organization: Road Runner
    Services: None detected
    Type: Broadband
    Assignment: Dynamic IP
    Blacklist: Geolocation Information
    Country: United States
    State/Region: West Virginia
    City: Fairmont
    Latitude: 39.4841
    Longitude: -80.0601
    Area Code: 304
    Postal Code: 26554

    IP Name: Teresa A Holt Alexander


  9. Looks like this IP Address does a good deal of abusing….I’ll be certain to report it, myself!!
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RRMA)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RCSW)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RRNY)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RCWE)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RRHL)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RRWE)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RCNY)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RCMS)
    Road Runner HoldCo LLC (RRSW)


  10. Jacki. on said:

    I always suspected Harve Morgan (H.P. Morgan) was & using multiple profiles & pages.

    The tactics listed are spot on!! They also:
    – ban you from their page once they’ve lost the debate, and
    – have an inability to except the fact a PhD vet is more qualified in the field of canines than a web designer :-/


  11. Jacki. on said:

    There’s another one to watch (controlled by ‘Harve’)


  12. Tabatha on said:

    In addition to that dogsbite page being filled with lies, the information on “wolf hybrids” is insanely wrong, the Czech Wolfdog – over 5 generations removed from the wolf, not a hybrid. The second photo, the Sarlooswolfhund – dutch bred, does NOT contain any wolf blood it was bred to LOOK like a wolf nothing more, the third and fourth photos are actually just plain ol wolves.

    Everything on this persons site and blogs is just … UGH!!!


  13. btrimble1108 on said:

    I’ve reported all the pages and will continue to watch out for this evil, evil woman. I have 3 (and at one time 4) wonderful Pitties that are loving, silly, loyal, valued members of our family. I would not trade even a second of the time I’ve had with them. They worst they have done is eat our shoes and destroy their toys! lol Thank you Betsy for fighting the good fight for the dogs we all adore. You are awesome!!!


  14. here’s a new one.. Please track it , this guy is sick.. His name is Jon Annon


  15. Sorry to have to post this, but take a look at this SOOOO typical of these people. I love how they resort to personal attacks. They just proved your point. Trying to talk to them is like trying to talk from anyone from the Westboro Baptist Church. You CANNOT talk sense to them, and forget trying to have any kind of civil discourse.


    • Yes, classic response and quite expected. Which is probably why nobody will come out against them. They clearly did NO research (including the spelling of my name) on my organization’s non-profit status, my advanced degrees, the origins of the training business, my status in the GSD community and they are unaware of the Volhard Method of Dog Training. They did NO RESEARCH AT ALL!!! But I am sure that posting innuendo and libelous drivel does the trick for them. I did, however, do some research on their ‘behavioral expert’ who posted in the comment section. I may share that in the future. But it’s almost too ridiculous to expect others to believe.
      Sadly, you are correct, they proved my point…..nothing was learned. I do, however, find it curious that an individual with no formal training in Medicine or Psychology is so familiar with Haloperidol and its psychotropic applications!!!


  16. You said the statistics at dogsbite are fake. The statistics there have citations and can be found through other means. Can you tell me what evidence made you decide that the statistics were faulty?


    • I went to and clicked ‘statistics’. There was the “results” of “, a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks, releases its first multi-year report on U.S. dog bite fatalities.” Conducting a statistically-accurate study requires not only years of data collections, under appropriate conditions, but must be peer-reviewed and able to be duplicated, using the identical controls. It also cannot inject the author’s own feelings or beliefs into the abstract, or be conducted by anyone who can be effected – positively or negatively, by the results! It must have a baseline, controls and variables that are clearly identified, which it does not, and be able to show where the data came from.

      However, simply judging the statistics, provided by, on their face, the amount of bite statistics on have no controlled source and defy logic. One narrates that they counted one incident, where one pit bull dog-type fought two “others’ dogs and two humans trying to break up the dogfight as FIVE pit bites, even though only one participant was a pit bull!!!

      I then did a ‘Google’ search on dog bite statistics in peer-reviewed journals and here is just a tiny bit of what I came up with:

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nonfatal dog bite-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments–United States, 2001. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. Jul 4 2003;52(26):605-10. [Medline].

      Guy RJ, Zook EG. Successful treatment of acute head and neck dog bite wounds without antibiotics. Ann Plast Surg. Jul 1986;17(1):45-8. [Medline].

      Trott A. Bite wounds. In: Wounds and Lacerations Emergency Care and Closure. 2nd ed. St Louis, Mo: Mosby-Year Book Inc; 1997:265-84.

      Weber EJ. Mammalian bites. In: Marx JA, Hockberger RS, Walls RM, eds. Rosen’s Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice. 6th ed. Mosby; 2006:906-21.

      Oehler RL, Velez AP, Mizrachi M, Lamarche J, Gompf S. Bite-related and septic syndromes caused by cats and dogs. Lancet Infect Dis. Jul 2009;9(7):439-47.

      Cummings P. Antibiotics to prevent infection in patients with dog bite wounds: a meta-analysis of randomized trials. Ann Emerg Med. Mar 1994;23(3):535-40.

      Gilchrist J, Sacks JJ, White D, Kresnow MJ. Dog bites: still a problem?. Inj Prev. Oct 2008;14(5):296-301. [Medline].

      Weiss HB, Friedman DI, Coben JH. Incidence of dog bite injuries treated in emergency departments. JAMA. Jan 7 1998;279(1):51-3. [Medline]. [Full Text].

      Sacks JJ, Lockwood R, Hornreich J, Sattin RW. Fatal dog attacks, 1989-1994. Pediatrics. Jun 1996;97(6 Pt 1):891-895. [Medline].

      Finally, be wary of the statistical analysis on pages with ‘Donate’ buttons, links to attorneys (the page owner gets paid per click/referral), words that indicate author prejudice, repeated ‘paid’ advertising with associated ‘Google’ hits, associated ‘pages’ parroting the ‘statistics’ page with unknown authors. Basically, if you come across a page and the information cannot be verified and the page is benefitting financially from it, question its reliability!!!


      • They are performing statistical analysis of reports. What kind of control group could be made?

        It looks like a minority of evidence on the website is questionable, because the majority of reports and studies in the statistics section are not issued by It appears that dogsbite.orgs yearly report is the only real statistical material you are taking issue with. The majority of it can be verified independently. Are you planning on amending your post to reflect that?


        • I do not think they are ‘performing statistical analysis’ of reports. This defies logic. In order for that to happen, all ‘reports’ would have to be verifiable and follow a contingency, ie. be a standardized form that measures the same critera. For example, in PA, all dog bites, that are treated by a healthcare professional, must be reported to the Department of Agriculture, using the same form. Both the bite victim, and the individual that has custody of the dog for the ten day quarantine period, are contacted, by the same department, within the same time period and it is all documented. This would be an excellent example of a control group! However, if my son comes home from school and tells me that some random kid stuck his hand through a fence and was bitten by the dog inside, who he thinks is a pit bull, but couldn’t really SEE it, on his way home, when, in reality, the kid’s hand was cut by a nail sticking out of the fence…that would be a poor example of a control!

          However, their annual report is NOT the only ‘real statistical material’ that I take exception to. Frankly, while I did see journal articles on that used appropriate statistical analysis methodology (although I didn’t run the numbers), the sample groups in those were so minimal, that no relevance can be attributed to them. I am not saying that I personally am discounting them; I am saying that they are not statiscally powerful. In other words, a study would be considered valid if there was an 80% chance of finding ‘x’, if ‘x’ exists. So, a good rule of thumb is for a study to have a significance level of no more than [power = 1 – beta] for Type II errors, but because Type I errors are so much more serious, the statistical power should be multiplied by four. Difficult to do, if you only have ten people in an ER to base a decision on!

          I am struggling with the verbage in your post, particularly, “It looks like a minority of evidence on the website is questionable…..” No, it does NOT look that way to me, which was the purpose of the post. Simply because didn’t ‘issue’ a study, that doesn’t make it statistically valid.

          I also disagree that “the majority of ‘it’ can be verified independently”. What do you mean by verified? Do you mean ‘found on the internet’? Just because I can find a study elsewhere, that doesn’t mean it is statistically valid. Many people try to produce effect by claiming they used ‘statistical analysis’. It lends credence to whatever you are trying to prove or disprove.

          However, if there are specific studies that you would like me to review, I would be happy to! Please forward me the specific ‘studies’ you are referring to, including the authors, journal that it appeared in, abstract and duplication.

          I ABSOLUTELY will ammend my post if it is inaccurate or misleading.

          Finally, I would like to thank you for coming to my page and discussing the issues in a civil, polite and respectful manner. I really appreciate that!


  17. And the hits just keep coming. Please check out the dogsbite blog entry on the tragic death of 2 month old Aiden McGrew, who was killed by his family’s retriever type dog as his father slept in another room. The blog posts a picture of the dog, and then insidiously insinuates the dog is a pit bull mix. The commenters happily take this idea and run with it. If that dog is a pit bull mix SHEESH, than I must be Liza Mannelli! More misinformation and outright lies.


    • PitNutter on said:

      I keep hearing over and over that pit bulls make up only about 5% of the dog population and that there’s an abnormally high number of attacks/fatalities from pit bulls vs. the rest of the dog population. I’m gonna have to call bull on that. They’ve gotta be the most overbred dog on the planet, Chris Brown is even selling them for a grand apiece. The Humane Society I rescued my pit bull from said there’s an average of 30% pit bulls there at any given time which is unusually high compared to the rest of the dog population. The haters can’t seem to ever address this fact in their statistics.


      • Well, PitNutter, I believe you have identified A VERY IMPORTANT issue! I hear MANY things, over and over again, however, until I see PROOF (in the form of statistical data), it’s all for naught. The “haters” don’t address this, because t’s more beneficial to their personal ’cause’ to manipulate data to reveal what supports whatever point they are endorsing, at the moment.

        Frankly, I don’t believe it can be addressed, short of DNA testing every dog in the US. Hence, establishing specific critera for typing a ‘pit bull’, as opposed to calling EVERY DOG that bites a PIT BULL, is going to be impossible, which is exactly how they are propagating this myth!!! However, mass publication alleging that ‘pit bulls’ are over or under populated in the dog world (depending on the issue they are endorsing) is causing this to become a focal point. I find this the most curious element of their cause. If, in fact, they CARE about victims, why wouldn’t they be espousing creation of a Dangerous Dog Law? In that way, ALL dog bite victims would be vindicated and EVERYONE protected! Do they only care about pit bull victims? If, after that’s done, they want to go after pits, then sponsor a ‘free pit spay/neuter’ programs! They are a 501c3, that’s what they do!! Of course, they would be faced with having to demonize EVERY BREED of dog, and get much less media attention!

        In response to your post on craven, the dog in the video, DOC (for Department of Correction) was being introduced to obedience using the Volhard Method. He was abandoned by his pos owner, at 6 months, when the guy was thrown in jail. This puppy waited, faithfully, in his unfenced yard, by a major highway, for 9 days until a neighbor called us. Of course, he was not neutered when we got him, but was neutered before placement. He was adopted by another psychologist and I get to see his beautiful mug regularly. The Volhard Method is a gentle, loving way of introducing obedience to dogs that have been traumatized, as he was. But I DID have a good chuckle when THAT was classified under ‘fear, force and pain”….. It DID help, PitNutter, DOC is an awesome, well-trained, confident boy now!!!

        In response to your revelation that ‘scams’ go on in the rescue world….sadly, they do! But this rescue isn’t one of them. Just because certain people are too 1) stupid, 2) lazy, or 3) purposely didn’t post my education, non-profit status or PA State Incorporations and licensures (because it doesn’t ‘fit’ the picture they want to paint of me), that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Another good chuckle was had by their supposition that “the shepherd peole (sic) figured out her game and got her booted, so she joined the pit bull crooks.” I ONLY WISH my inbox wasn’t filled, every day, with needy GSDs. They are, sadly, still coming….another tomorrow from VA! A short peek into my FB album would show that. I am NOT a pit bull rescue. I help whoever needs help. We also have dachshunds, bassadors, yorkies…..

        I AM collecting funds for a personal dog. There is no law against that, as those who donate are informed of the purpose and that their donation is NOT tax deductible. While it is highly irregular, I DO claim those funds on my personal taxes!! The reason is thus: I adopted Lilly, who was in BUDDIES RESCUE AND SANCTUARY in FLA, as a stabilization dog for my handicapped daughter. When she got here, it was very evident that she was NOT going to be a stabilization dog! It was also evident that she had tumors that were impacting life functions. It turned out that she has MCT. This dog is a GREAT dog with so much promise as a therapy dog, has been so wronged in being labeled ‘aggressive’, (so someone could collect a boatload of money for her), and DESERVED a chance, perhaps more so than any other dog that I have ever met. Lilly CAN and DOES enhance the lives of PEOPLE!!! If only she can overcome a now-life threatening illness that SHOULD have been treated/ended when it was a tiny lump! So, yes, that part IS actually true. I have written many blogs, on this site, about her. While I could have offered her for adoption, as a terminally ill dog, OR simply NOT treated her illness – I MADE A COMMITTMENT. The animals here receive the medical care that our vets offer…..and that’s the bottom line!!! I cannot afford her $1001/month vetting costs, but COULD HAVE, LEGALLY, listed her as a ‘rescue’. But that would be unethical and I REFUSE to do it, so I asked for help. There are several other non-profits and businesses who have also collected money on her behalf….almost anyone who has ever met her has advocated for this simply wonderful girl!

        Finally, I don’t consider myself a ‘pit nutter’….I consider myself a ‘dog nutter’ (just to clarify). As soon as this nebulous faction begins to actually identify themselves (which I doubt will happen, because they apparently have MUCH to hide), I will re-examine it all….until then, they are simply a sad, malevolent ball of negative energy, profiting from the misery of others…..I almost feel badly for them.


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